Web Design for Ocala, Gainesville, Orlando and the rest of Central Florida

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Hello Central Florida, welcome to Ocala Web Designer. Within these pages, you will find out what it is I do and how you can benefit from my freelance web design  services.

First off, I am a freelance web designer located in Central Florida, Ocala to be exact. I create unique, attention-grabbing websites. The web designs I create are clean, user friendly and pleasing to the eye. I believe that websites should state a purpose, be easy to navigate and be something that someone will pass on to friends, whether it be by email, Facebook, Twitter, their blog or another social network.

Ocala is more than just the Horse Capital of the World, it is where your small business is located, and it is also my home. You may ask why that matters, and quite simply it means we can meet face-to-face as we work on building your website.

Why do you need a website?

Simply put, we live in an electronic and internet connected age. Everywhere you look there are links to websites. Those websites may be for large corporations, small businesses, or even for personal usage.

Technology is advancing, hand-held wireless devices are accessing websites all day, every day. If you do not have a website for your business, or if your website has been poorly designed, you may be missing out on plenty of internet traffic.

Eye-catching web design

We all try to look our best when we leave the house, making sure everything is in the right place, there’s no animal fur on our pants, and nothing is in our teeth. So, why is it that some companies allow themselves to have a website design that is not pleasing to the eye?

My focus when designing is to create for you a website that both you and I are happy with. I say that I must be happy with the web design because an artist is his own worst critic. Would you want to sell a customer a faulty product? No. In turn, I would not want to sell you a web design that is not up to my personal standards.

Web design experience

I personally got online in 1997, and shortly thereafter started dabbling with my own personal website. It wasn’t anything outstanding, after all, I was just a teenager putting HTML together via copy and paste.

As time progressed, I took an interest in web design and how to properly build websites with graphic design tools like Photoshop. I have also progressed on from the copy and paste tactics to hand coding my XHTML, CSS and PHP.

Photoshop has become my main tool of choice to create my web designs, and I have been working with it for nearly eight years now.

No BS tactics

You want your project done, and you want it done right. I am not one to make promises I cannot keep, nor take on a project that I cannot finish.

You can rest easy knowing that if you choose me to create your website, I will come through with a professional design that meets the needs for you and your business.

I believe in being straight forward and not beating around the bush. In my office, honesty is the best policy. I also believe that no one should be sold something they do not need, after all, who needs a tank to kill a fly? I just use a flip flop.