Feb.23.2011 | 10:41 amWorking in WordPress

Working in WordPress can make things more difficult at first, then will make things easier in the future.

It’s difficult because you have to modify your thought process on how a web page should be constructed, you have to change it to think about how a web page should be constructed by a program that is piecing the page together on the fly. Typically, with WordPress, you have one content area per page, and most of the time, people want multiple content areas. Multiple content areas make the page less boring. To achieve this, you have to get creative and have WordPress build pages from multiple pages or posts.

For instance, on this website, I am going to (haven’t done it yet) have all the pages be built from blog posts that are in certain categories. By doing this, I can control which areas of the page are visible, what order the sections appear in, and can even edit them with ease. All without having to touch the actual HTML of the page.

Okay, back to work.

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