Mar.22.2011 | 02:20 pmHow to know when your site is complete

Honestly, it never is.

A website should never be totally static, it should possess some dynamic attributes to it that are constantly bringing something new for the users that visit it (other than advertising banners). The dynamic section, or sections, can be a blog (as seen here), a photo gallery, simple quotes of the day, or new products – for those in the retail world.

This is why it is imperative to have a Content Management System in place for your website. Whether that CMS be WordPress, Joomla or a shopping cart of some sort, it’s a must-have. I personally have taken a liking to WordPress, just because I have had several blogs over the years and it has suited me well. WordPress has evolved into a system that allows even novice internet users manage their own personal and business websites, and this is why I recommend it to my clients. Well that, and I have gotten pretty good at building themes for WordPress.

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