May.25.2011 | 08:05 pmLearning Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I am not only wanting to expand the design services I offer, but I also want to get my site itself into the top search results for Ocala Web Designer, Ocala web design and Ocala web designers. So, the next progressive step is learning Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO. It’s about time I have finally taken this step to learn this stuff. Not only will it benefit my website and its ranking, I will also be able to optimize my clients’ websites.

Though I am far from being a dummy, I have opted to start with Search Engine Optimization for Dummies. A lot of times these dummies books will have things broken down a little bit easier and are a very good stepping stone into heavier, more focused reading. So far it is going good, some of the things I already knew, but a lot of the magic is being demystified.

I hope to make modifications to the site while reading the book to increase ranking, so hopefully some people will actually be reading this before I become uber-pro.

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