Freelance Web Design Services

I can offer you and your Ocala based business complete web design services along with coding/programming from start to finish. All web designs are custom tailored to your taste, desires and needs. No free templates are used here (unless that’s what you would like, of course).

My specialty is WordPress websites and WordPress theme creation. If you don’t know what WordPress is, it’s an amazing tool that allows the average Joe to manage the content of a website. WordPress themes can be simple and basic, but can also be advanced and complex. Ready for a shocker? This website, Ocala Web Designer, is totally controlled through WordPress, as well as, most of the websites on my portfolio page.

Below are three (currently discounted) WordPress packages that will typically fit the needs of most personal or small business website needs.

If you do not need a one-stop-shop for web design, you can also contract me just for any one of the services listed. For a quote on a custom project, have any questions about WordPress websites, or to inquire about contracting me as a freelance web designer, you may find my contact information on my contact page.

Mild WordPress Website

A Mild WordPress Website package will get you and your small business an online presence. The WordPress theme will be unique and designed to your liking, but will not have all of the cool hot functionality of more advanced themes.

Spicy WordPress Website

The Spicy WordPress Website package will get your small business in with the cool hot crowd. You will receive a more advanced design, as well as nifty functions like a slide show or an image gallery.

Fiery WordPress Website

With the Fiery WordPress Website package, you get a hot eye-catching design that will make your small business website stand out from the crowd. Plus, you get the advanced features like slide shows, image galleries and other hotness.

Graphic and Web Design

As stated above, all web designs are unique and created just for you or your small business. I take inspiration from your ideas, business and products, then open up Photoshop and begin working the digital magic.

In addition to full website design, advertising banners, Twitter backgrounds, full color flyers and cards, etc. can also be created for you.

Wordpress Theme Creation

As explained above, WordPress is a content management system that allows a user to easily manage their website and/or blog.

For you, I can create a  simple or complex design, and then turn it into a WordPress theme. Once the WordPress theme is created and installed, you would then be able to manage your website through a simple to use online interface.

XHTML and CSS Coding

XHTML is the skeleton of a web page and creates the structure for the design to lay on. Then comes the CSS, which creates the skin of your website design. CSS places all of the images and text in the right place, on top of assigning the fonts and colors for the page.

PHP Coding

PHP programming allows for the dynamic creation of pages within a website. For instance, a PHP script could read a folder on your server and display the images in that folder as an image gallery. PHP also can handle more advanced tasks, such as running an online store.

JavaScript Coding

JavaScript is another programming language that makes websites dynamic. Javascript is different than PHP in being that it updates or takes action on the page without needing to reload the whole page. An example of Javascript would be the slides on both the home page and on the portfolio page.

FTP Uploading

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and is nothing more than moving files from a computer to a server or vice versa. If you are not comfortable with loading your website onto your server via FTP, I can do it for you.